Saturday, 17 November 2012

Warband Ideas - The Vulpes

Hello there!

Welcome to the first installment of my Warband Ideas for Fanticide.

After learning about the Warband creation rules that would come in the Fanticide core rule book, my mind has been exploding with multiple Warbands ideas to populate the land of Nowhere.

Here is the first of many:

The Vulpes    (Vull-pays)

The Vulpes are basically a race of Fox warriors based on the brilliant Splintered Light mini's range.

Splintered Light Minis 

In the coming weeks/months after I finish all of my official Fanticide models, I will flesh out a little bit of "fluff" on the Vulpes.

For now however I will show the pics of the minis, and what I plan on using them for.

First up is the Vulpes Legend, and Retainers.

The pack of these fellows comes with 2 of each of the models shown, so with a little conversion work I think I would change one of the standard bearer models into a magic user of some type.

Next up are the Vulpes Stickers.

Following that we have the Vulpes Thumpers.

Then we have the Vulpes Shootists. (In the Vulpes culture it is one of the highest honors to join the ranks of the Nex Telum...roughly translated the "Death Arrows".

I would like to add a Monster, and Peeve option to the Warband, but have not decided on what to go with model wise for those.

More on the Vulpes in the coming weeks....

Take care!



  1. Really like idea of using SL minis. I have several and will be looking at doing some warbands.

  2. Yeah, they are fantastic sculpts. Very excited to stat up these guys and get them on the table. It will be sometime in the new year tho unfortunately.